Augustinas Jacovskis


February 2024 Categorical Torelli for double covers Warwick AG Seminar Warwick
December 2023 Categorical Torelli for double covers STEW Oslo
October 2023 Categorical Torelli for X_2 Luxembourg AG Seminar Luxembourg
February 2023 Geometry from derived categories GEARS Seminar Edinburgh
March 2022 Categorical Torelli theorems for prime Fano threefolds KCL/UCL Junior Geometry Seminar London


December 2022 The period map for Gushel--Mukai threefolds Workshop on Singularities and Mirror Symmetry Glasgow
January 2022 Bayer--Macrì's Positivity Lemma Bridgeland Stability Seminar Online
October 2021 Geometry from derived categories Hodge Club Edinburgh/online
October 2020 Cubic hypersurfaces and rationality Hodge Club Edinburgh/online
February 2020 A Brief Introduction to Bridgeland Stability Conditions Junior Structure and Symmetry Day Edinburgh
November 2019 Blow-ups Reading group on resolution of singularities via weighted blowups Edinburgh
October 2019 Homological Mirror Symmetry for the Cylinder Reading group on homological mirror symmetry by examples Edinburgh